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Making Dreams Come True

We set out to deliver the dream event, Elvis Impersonator through to Stilt Walking, Ice Maidens, coupled with stunning decor and lighting and the finest cuisine. Excellent service levels come as standard.

Events 2 set up this specialist team to handle the fast-moving, niche Christmas party market and have close relationships with the best Christmas Party market providers. We are confident that we can get you the right solution, at the right price, with the minimum amount of fuss for you.

Chris Walls
Managing Director

Turning a Vision into Reality

We visualise beyond the existing fabric and infrastructure, mentally developing the 'story' and client experience together. When the end result is unveiled its fantastic, our Clients think we are involved in wizardry or something equally as fantastic !

Natalie Simmonds
 Creative Director

A Perfectionist on Every Detail 

We find the best solution is to visualise the guest experience - we 'walk through' the event through the eyes of the guest - right from the arrival at the venue to getting the transport at home and everything in between. That includes getting a drink, visiting the 'facilities', seating arrangements, and other details such as the cloakrooms. Everything is planned and checked down to the last detail - we find this is a great starting point and where managing the details really makes a difference!

Mary Sellers
Operations Director
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